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POS Control and Prevention System
Avoid POS Fraud!

One of the most common forms of theft occurs at the POS. It is also here that the largest exchange of employees takes place, for various reasons, becoming one of the focus of greater managerial concern. There is also the possibility to manage and monitor remotely all operations performed in real time with DVD quality, checking your tickets with the products actually bought among other tools, it is only possible with a perfectly integrated system, adapted to the Brazilian conditions and with excellent cost-effective.

Using the CASH system integrated with your POS solution, security monitoring is more efficient in integrating tax coupon information with video image recording.

You can perform specific searches, such as searching for closures in a given period.

The videos recorded on the DVR will have one more level of security, since the movement of the POS will also be recorded.

Queries can be done remotely via network or the internet.

Management with Monitoring and Auditing in the Cash Front.

Recover 0.4% of Billing!

Market leader.

We have the Best Results!

National Service.

Film with legal validity.

Cash IP: High Resolution Cameras with up to 4K.

App with cloud environment (cloud) for occurrences and central alerts.

Intelligent data analysis technology.

Exclusive deployment process based on best market practices.

Pioneering: 12 years of continuous innovation.

Simultaneous display of all Cash register / POS / Check-out on any device.

Audio Recording.

Code Exchange - Green Pepper as Tomato

Non-Registration of Various Products

No Registration of 12 Units of Milk

Non-Registration of 1 Collant

No Record of 1 Piece of Bacon

Non-Registration of Various Products